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  1. How To Clean A Chimney

    ... yourself. While removing ordinary chimney soot is fairly straight forward and simple, something like heavy creosote ... the chimney which eventually turns into creosote & soot . A dry hardwood, such as birch or oak, will burn hotter & ...

    chimneysweepral... - 12/20/2018 - 7:54am

  2. What Is Creosote?

    ... forms of  creosote  buildup: the first, a fine, dusty  soot  that can be cleaned very easily; the second, a grainy black  soot that can be cleaned fairly easily with a  chimney  brush; the third; ...

    chimneysweepral... - 12/20/2018 - 8:11am

  3. There are stains on my ceiling

    ... should look out for stains from water, creosote , or soot . This is an indication that water is entering the flue . An ...

    chimneysweepral... - 01/18/2019 - 4:20pm

  4. How Often Should You Have Your Chimney Swept?

    ... well. For example, even without the presence of  soot ,  gas fireplaces  can still experience fire hazards from the ...

    chimneysweepral... - 12/20/2018 - 8:13am

  5. How does a chimney sweep clean my chimney?

    ... our specialized tools and vacuums prevent any soot or dust from entering your home. Every chimney is different, but on ...

    chimneysweepral... - 01/18/2019 - 4:20pm

  6. What Is The Best Time Of Year For A Chimney Cleaning.

    ... operate vacuums and other specialized tools to remove  soot ,  creosote  buildup, and other obstructions. ...

    chimneysweepral... - 01/18/2019 - 3:37pm

  7. Do You Need Your Furnace Flue Cleaned?

    ... furnace  flue  can enable debris buildup, causing  soot  blowback into the home. The result can be exposure to  carbon ...

    chimneysweepral... - 12/20/2018 - 8:13am

  8. Chimney Sweep Garner NC

    ... as well. For example, even without the presence of soot , gas fireplaces can still experience fire hazards from the presence ... operate vacuums and other specialized tools to remove soot , creosote buildup, and other obstructions. ...

    chimneysweepral... - 05/23/2018 - 2:28pm

  9. What is level 3 creosote?

    ... Level 1: creosote is usually a light powder or soot and can easily be removed. Level 2: creosote is often shiny ...

    chimneysweepral... - 08/02/2018 - 12:08pm

  10. My chimney smells bad

    ... your chimney is caused by a buildup of creosote , soot , or other debris. Additionally, rainy days will add moisture and produce ...

    chimneysweepral... - 07/23/2018 - 4:25pm

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