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Glossary of chimney sweep and fireplace terms
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Aluminum Relining Pipe search for term
  This is a pipe that is made of Aluminum material and is often used for lining a low-efficiency gas furnaces, or flues. These shouldn't be substituted for durable stainless steel relining pipe, as they don't produce enough heat, nor enough moisture.
Ash search for term
  After combustible material is oxidized from being burned thouroughly, this is the solid residue that is left. This is the powdery residue that is left after the burning of a substance.
Ash Dump search for term
  This is an opening that is located at the bottom of a fireplace. After ash has accumulated enough, you can then dump it from this opening, and into a container for means of disposal.
Ash Pit search for term
  Much like an Ash Dump - This is a chamber located in the base of a chimney. It collects the remnants of ash, and allows you to remove it in order to dispose of the ash.


Baffle search for term
  This is an object that can be installed in an appliance, usually within a wood stove, or chimney, that will assist in changing the direction of airflow. It can also be used to retard airflow, various gases related to flue, or air fuel mixtures.
Blower search for term
  If you need to force air under pressure, then a blower is a fan that you can use in order to achieve this.


Carbon Monoxide search for term
  This is a byproduct of combustion not being complete. It is a colorless, odoreless, tasteless, and potentially fatal gas that is highly toxic.
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning search for term
  This is a condition that occurs after you inhale too much Carbon Monoxide. It is difficult to detect, and not irritating at first. For these reasons, it can be very dangerous.
Chase search for term
  A technique that is based around metal flue pipes, and used to simulate the structure of a chimney. It is often built using wood, or steel stud material, however brick or stone veneer, or wood siding can be used as well.
Chimney search for term
  A near vertical passageway, that's main purpose is for transporting flue gases from an appliance within a household, and funneling it outside.
Chimney Cap search for term
  Located at the top of a chimney - This is a covering that is used as housing, and it's sole purpose is to try and prevent various elements from entering the chimney. It is commonly used to keep out animals, snow, rain, sleet, branches, etc.
Chimney Cap Zero Clearance search for term
  These are chimney caps that is approved to be used on a zero clearance fireplace.
Chimney Caps Backdraft search for term
  When a chimney cap isn't installed properly it can lead to the chimney not being able to breathe as it should. This often leads to a backdraft, which is when smoke flows back down the chimney and into the household.
Chimney Cleaning search for term
  This is a cleaning process that is used to remove various elements such as: debris, soot, and creosote. Commonly referred to as a chimney sweep - this should be performed often so that your chimney will operate safely, and as efficiently as possible.
Chimney Cleaning Log search for term
  A chemically laden log that when burned will loosen creosote, and soot. This allows the debris to fall into the firebox for easy removal. This is not considered a safe alternative to a physical chimney sweep by a professional.
Chimney Connector search for term
  This is a pipe that connects a wood stove to a chimney.
Chimney Liner search for term
  Located inside the chimney, and usually made out of metal or clay tiles. These contain combustable products, and must be kept intact in order for any product / heat to pass safely through a domicile.
Chimney Sweep Guild search for term
  An organization that is made up of various chimney sweeps. It's sole purpose is to offer awarness to the public, as well as furthering the education of those who attend. An organization like this can exist on various levels : State, regional, or national.
Clean Out Doors search for term
  Found in a masonry chimney - this allows access to the interior in order for a sweep to inspect, and clean. They are generally made of clay, cast aluminum, or steel.
Corbel search for term
  Used in masonry metrics - this is an object that extends out from a wall in order to support a structure above it.
Creosote search for term
  A dark oil that is distilled from coal tar, and typically used as a wood preservative. It is composed of mostly organic compounds.
Cricket search for term
  This is a ridge that comes from the slope of the roof to the back of the chiney. It is used to shed water away from the roof, as well as the chimney.
Crown search for term
  This is used to shed water away from the flue liner, and is a design that slightly slopes, or has a bevelled edge at the top of a chimney.


Damper search for term
  This is a movable flutter that is used to control air flow or smoke.
Damper (Top Mount) search for term
  Located at the very top of a chimney, this works by closing the top half of the flue when it is not in use. It's purpose is to not allow cold air to enter the home, and to keep hot air in the home.
Direct Connect search for term
  This runs from an insert, or the hearth stove, and connects to the very first flue tile.
Direct Vent search for term
  Exhaust air is removed by the liner, which then brings combustion air into the appliance inbetween the inner liner and outer wall. This is a double wall pipe.
Draft search for term
  This is a pressure difference that draws combustion into the appliance and expels gas into the chimney.


Electrical Fireplaces search for term
  A fireplace that runs on electricity, and is mostly for decorative purposes. Does not emit much heat.
Energy Loss search for term
  The amount of heated air that is expelled due to cracks, or seals around doors / windows / flues.


Firebox search for term
  The chamber where the fire burns in a fireplace, or woodstove.
Firebrick search for term
  Can withstand high amounts of heat, and is made of clay and silica. It comes in a brick shape.
Fireplace Designs search for term
  Various manners in which a fireplace is constructed. Mostly for functional purposes, but often to visually enhance a home as well.
Fireplace Inserts search for term
  These are inserts that fit inside a pre existing fireplace and are made of pellet, coal, or wood.
Fireplace Screens search for term
  Often made of glass or mesh meterial - these are placed in front of a fireplace opening with the intention of protecting your house from getting hit with an ember or sparks.
Fireplace Smoke Chamber search for term
  Located above the firebox and at the base of the flue - this is where smoke gathers and is exhausted out of the chimney.
Flashing search for term
  This is the definition of using a material in hopes of waterproofing valleys in a roof, or the angle between a roof and the chimney.
Flue search for term
  This is the passage in a chimney that's purpose is to exhaust flue gas outside.
Flue Liner search for term
  A liner that is required by codes and standars to cover the surface of the flue. It serves as a buffer between flue gases / chimney walls. It is designed to contain the emissions of combustable products.


Gas Fireplaces search for term
  A fireplace that runs off of gas. It is not a significant source of heat.
Gas Insert search for term
  An appliance that burns propane or a natural gas. It is an insert that you put into an existing fireplace and it helps create a heat source. It goes up through an existing flue and vents outside.


Hearth search for term
  This is the floor of a fireplace or stove.


Liner search for term
  If you have a double wall chimney, this is the interior component.


Masonry Chimney search for term
  This is made of stones, bricks, or reinforced concrete and is then lined with flue liners and built to code.
Masonry Fireplace search for term
  This consists of a firebox, and a heart that is made out of masonry materials such as brick / stone reinforced concrete, and then given a chimney.
Multi-flue Chimney search for term
  A chimney that contains two or more flue.


NFPA search for term
  This is an international Codes and Standards organization.


Parging search for term
  A coat of mortar that is applied to the walls of a smoke chamber.
Pellets search for term
  Made of wood sawdust, and usually in the shape of a small block or ball. These contain no additive.
Pyrolysis search for term
  The process of a combustible material being altered by heat.


Reline search for term
  The process of relining a chimney whenever one or various components need repair.
Rigid Relining Pipe search for term
  A stainless still that isn't flexible, and is used to reline a chimney that doesn't have an offset.


Single Flue Chimney Cap search for term
  A cap that attaches and covers one clay tile flue.
Smoke Chamber search for term
  This sits above a smoke shelf, and extends to the base of a flue.
Smoke Shelf search for term
  This is created when the back wall of the firebox arches forward, and is at the intersection of a smoke chamber and firebox.
Smoke Test search for term
  A test to check for smoke leakage.
Soot search for term
  Either powdery or flaky, and always black. This is the leftover matter from an organic compound not being fully burned.
Stack Effect search for term
  Lower pressure being created due to warmer air rising.
Stainless Steel Liners search for term
  A liner that is made out of stainless steel.


Thermal Expansion search for term
  Metal surfaces expanding due to the temperature being altered.
Thimble search for term
  This can either be a lining, tube, or ring that is removable and may be located in a hole where the chimney connector passes through a wall and enters a chimney.


Vent search for term
  A passage that continues from flue collar to the draft hood.
Ventless Fireplace search for term
  A fireplace that doesn't need to vent fumes outside. All electric and most gas fireplaces fall into this category.


Woodstoves search for term
  Usually made of steel or cast iron, and are a source of heating your home. They tend to be enclosed.

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